Thursday, November 19, 2009

Updates and 11/19/2009 Pics

Travis surgery has been postponed to Saturday at 8 am. Our surgeon, Dr. Lamberti wants do be rested and fresh for Travis. He had previously scheduled 2 surgeries for Friday and Travis' was his second one. Dr. Lamberti just got back from working in Hawaii for a week and travelling to Florida for a conference. If he needs the extra time to do the surgery right then that is fine. We hate the additonal wait but we understand. Keep those prayers and good thoughts coming.
Here our some of the new pictures of Travis. We got to put some clothes on him today and it was exciting to see him look like a regular baby boy. DiCarlo Family - 11/19/2009
Travis was wore out after his lunch.
Travis got some swing time today. He liked it.

Travis doing his monkey impression.

Mommy and Travis.

We got to dress up Travis today in his monkey outfit.

Travis was taking advantage of the pocket in his sweater onesie.

I would say that Travis is comfy in his swing.

Check out Travis' new sweater onesie.

Travis is one serious little boy.
Travis is loving life in his swing.

Check me out.

I swear this modeling is tiring.

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