Saturday, November 7, 2009

Friday Updates and Pics

Friday turned out to be a long day. Occupational Therapist came by to check on Travis in the morning. Her job is to check on how Travis was eating. She tried several different techniques and came up with a plan for feeding. Travis will now eat whatever he can from a bottle and whatever he can't they feed him through a NG tube. The NG Tube is a long tube that goes from his nose to his stomach. So he added another wire to his body. The good news is that he got the Trans Thoracic Line out of his stomach and now he can be held much, much easier. (Look at Pics Below). Also the Cardiac Surgeon team came again today led by Dr. Lamberti. He informed us of our choices for surgery. We could have little man have his big procedure on November 12th if we choose to go with Dr. Pastuszko. Dr. Lamberti said that he would be gone until the 19th, so if we wanted the original team of Dr. Lamberti and Dr. Pastuszko that we would have to wait until the 20th. Nicole and I have to make a decision to do the surgery early or wait for the TEAM of surgeons that we originally had come to Children's Hospital San Diego for. Dr. Pastuszko is a great surgeon and could definitely do a great job, but just having Dr. Lamberti and his years of knowledge in the operating room puts our minds at ease.
On a another note, one of the nurses that we had yesterday called Travis the "Heart Throb of the NICU". She had mentioned that she had heard of him prior to her shift. So many nurses that Travis has had in the past 2 weeks have come by and asked us how we were doing. The NICU nurses have been so nice and accommodating.
Have a great weekend....I am heading to see Travis now.
Nicole got to hold Travis in a new position. I say they look cozy and happy.

Travis is comfy in both of the blankets that Grandma Sue made with love.

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