Sunday, October 2, 2011

A field of memories.

Then (2/11/11)
Now (10/1/11)

This past weekend Nicole and I had to go to a function by the park next to the duck pond in Temecula. As soon as I heard that it was going to be there I panicked a little bit. One of my favorite memories of Travis happened on the last day I was there.

The last time I went there was one of my favorite days of being a dad. It was George Washington's Birthday, Friday, February 11 and we had no school. (Nicole had to work) So Travis, Addison and I had the day to ourselves.

On this day we didn't have anything planned, but just to spend it together. We woke up and hung out on be like we did many times. We finally got up and left the house. We went to Babies R Us and did some shopping. On the way out we ran into Terrell Davis (NFL Superstar) and had Travis take a picture with him. I thought it would be so cool to tell Travis stories about Terrell when he got older, but never got the chance.

I then remember going to Daphne's Greek Cafe and sharing lunch with my boy. The manager took care of us and was so nice to us. He gave us a side of rice for Travis on the house, just because Travis gave him his trademark smile. Travis was so much fun during lunch just eating up his rice and some of my gyro pita. Travis was enjoying standing up in the booth and smiling at all the people. Travis had the ability to make people smile. His smile was infectious and even grumpy people would look at him and smile. He had a gift.

After lunch, I packed both kids in the car and that is when I got the phone call that changed our lives forever. It was the phone call from the surgeon's office scheduling his surgery. They gave us some options on the dates, Thursday February 17th or sometime in March. We chose the earlier date, because we were told that he needed the surgery and the sooner the better. I remember Nicole telling me that it was less than a week away and us both freaking out.

After getting off the phone with Nicole and having the surgery date set, I decided to take Travis and Addie over to the duck pond. We have taken him there before and he loved to look at the ducks. He was so observant and never wanted to miss a thing. I fed the ducks so they would come close to him and he loved it so much. As we were walking to the van, I saw this big park with beautiful green grass and thought it would be a perfect picture opportunity. It is adjacent to the duck pond and is just really a nice area. I put Travis in the middle of the field and snapped up some pics. We then spent a little time playing in the park and then took off home.

I had a great day with my boy and my girl. Although Addison slept through most of the day, it was really the last time that I had the opportunity to be with both of them by myself. I am so grateful to have had that special day with my kids.

I only wish that we could have just one more day together.

I love you and miss you son.


Travis hanging out in bed
Addison was so little back in February
Travis (Our MVP) and Terrell Davis (Super Bowl MVP)
Travis checking out the ducks
Travis just being Travis