Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Travis 5th Birthday

Happy 5th Birthday

Travis Gary DiCarlo

Travis Gary DiCarlo, first son of Roger and Nicole DiCarlo, was born at San Diego Kaiser Hospital, October 23, 2009 with a Congenital Heart Defect known as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, or HLHS. The short explanation is that Travis was born with only half of a heart. In order for him to live, a series of three operations were planned.

Due to an infection, Travis had to have an additional open heart surgery to insert pulmonary artery bands on October 29, 2009. He had his Norwood Surgery on November 21, 2009. He was sent home on December 14, 2009 from Rady's Children Hospital of San Diego after spending his first 52 nights of life in the hospital.

After being home for several months, Travis was due to for his next surgery in the plan, the Glenn procedure. But the life of a cardiac kid can change in an instant and life doesn't always go as planned. Due to the anatomy of his heart and some rhythm issues, Travis had what the surgeons called Norwood part 2. They replaced his Sano Shunt with a bigger one, enlarged his pulmonary arteries and installed a pacemaker. This surgery was performed on May 3, 2010. Travis went home on May 17th, 2010.

Around Travis' first birthday in October his cardiologist detected some narrowing in his pulmonary artery and ordered a heart cath. The heart cath showed extensive narrowing in his aorta and his pulmonary artery. On February 17, 2011 Travis had his 4th open heart surgery. He was doing well with recovery until he suddenly went into cardiac arrest on Friday (2/18). After two hours of CPR Travis was placed on ECMO (a heart/lung bypass). Although his heart did begin to beat again on its own, his brain was damaged during the whole ordeal and he lost all brain function. We had to say goodbye to our beautiful boy on Saturday, February 19th. We miss our boy terribly.....

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


For a few weeks I have been contemplating what I'd love to do to help honor and remember Travis' short life.  My mind kept coming back to the lessons he taught me…the most important is kindness (because you never know what people are dealing with/going through).  With that said, I figured the best way to get through this awful time would be to spread kindness.  Would you help?

Here is the challenge:
Between today and tomorrow (Feb 18-19th) think of 3 random acts of kindness
Spread and share them (via Facebook or e-mail)
Tag #RAKforTRAV, Roger and I  (if posting a photo add a short description)

The acts of kindness don't have to be big at all.  Here are some ideas:
Sincerely complement someone you don't know
Hold the door open
Buy someone a coffee
Pump someone's gas
Take your kids out for ice-cream
Make your spouse a card
Call someone and tell them you love them
Make cookies for neighbors
Tell someone why you are doing what you are doing….spread his name
And, here is a website with more ideas…

I'd love to see simple conscience acts of love spread in Travis' name.  Please join me in remembering our sweet, loving boy.  Can't way to see the LOVE!!!!!!