Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday, Monday

Another Monday comes around. Travis is doing great! We are still just in a holding pattern until his big surgery. He still has 1-5 days of antibiodics left to treat the infection he got a while ago. Meanwhile, he continues to practice eating...he's up to 48ml per feeding. Sometimes he can only handle about 33ml then the rest goes into his NG tube. Today at 2:45 we are going to try putting him to the breast. Wish us luck. Cardiac babies tire very easily and that is why they are slowly introducing him to feeding. He is a good little eater but falls asleep quickly during feeds. Roger and I try different little things to keep him awake and sucking. Generally, I spend from 9-6:30 in the NICU. I decided yesterday that I really need to bring a book because it can get quite lonely and boring sitting there when little man is sleeping. Mostly I just sit there and people watch (the nurses, doctors, other babies, etc.). I've tried to run errands here and there but I really feel a lot of anxiety being away from the hospital.

Roger and I are still grappling with the decision to wait for Dr. Lamberti to return and do the surgery on the 20th or have Dr. Pastuko do it at the end of this week. If we wait Travis has the opportunity to gain some more weight and perfect his eating which will help after surgery. However, the scary thing is infections. If he is just "hanging out" waiting for the surgery and catches another infection it could prolong our stay evern longer. We are not sure what to do. I pray multiple times a day for guidance but I haven't received a clear answer. If we went with an earlier surgery and something went wrong...I'd never forgive myself. We still have a couple more days to figure it out.

Have I mentioned my baby is super cute? He really is... he makes the funniest little faces and he is such a serious little bugger. Here are the things I love about him...his long feet and toes, the way he scrunches his forehead when angry or thinking, his little cry, his soft skin, his beautiful eyes staring at me, his hands when he stretches them out, holding his hand, stroking his head, his hair (even with the bald spot they made when he had the picc line there), his little lips....okay...really, everything. I can't wait to get out of here and get started on our real life with him!!!

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  1. Hope you had some luck with breastfeeding. Besides the added nutrition, he will no doubt love being close to his mommy in this way. It's hardly ever easy, so hang in there.

    Wish we could see you. Please know we are here for you and praying every day. Garrett goes in to the pediatrition tomorrow for his 2 mo check up-can't believe it. He's already up to almost 16 lbs-our big boy. Can't wait for our boys to hang out!

    Love you-A