Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A little humor to get us through the day

Top Ten things that we hear at the NICU that we never want to hear again when we get out of here.

10. Did you call the bedside?
9. Got to change the lines, it will be 5 minutes (In reality it takes 30 min)
8. Your last 3 numbers please?
7. Wristbands Please. (When we enter the hospital they ask for them everytime)
6. Scrub up and come on in. (You are asked to scrub in prior to entering NICU)
5. I'm the resource nurse today/tonight, do you need anything?
4. Every drop counts?(Talking about Breastmilk)
3. Are you pumping every 2-3 hours? along with, are you taking Fenugreek?
2. We are giving him lasix to increase fluid output. We are taking him off lasix because he is losing Potassium. (We have heard this several times)
1. How's the Blood Gas look?
Numbered List

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