Sunday, November 1, 2009

11/1/2009 Pictures and Updates

Late Night Surprise. Travis got off his respirator again tonight at 10:30p.m.
Please pray that he will do fine with out it until next surgery. Getting off of his respirator is a
major step in the right direction. I hope he continues to be strong as the days go on.
Travis had his eyes open for awhile, then as soon as the respirator was off he was bright eyed and looking around
Travis was ready this morning for the Charger Game.
CHARGERS are 2-0 since his birth. Coincidence........I don't think so.
Travis loves mommy holding his hands and head. I pray that Nicole will have the strength
during the day as I start back to work tomorrow. We made a family decision for me to go back
to work to save some of my leave until he has his major surgeries. We are trying to look at the
big picture. Travis will definitely need a major open heart procedure in the next couple of weeks, but also will need another major open heart procedure in February or March. I will hate
leaving my wife and baby Travis for a minute. It will be tough adjusting back to work, but I hope that time flies when I am there and I can get back down to see my baby boy. I hope I can express to my students that they are lucky they are healthy and alive. After being here for just 11 days I have witnessed some good and bad things. The sad that sticks in my mind is the Xavier boy who is overcome with cancer at the age of 9. I saw Xavier's dad again today and could not stop thinking of the pain he must be going through. His son will soon be gone to a better place and am so heartbroken for this dad who has too make the decision no one should ever have to make. Take advantage of what you have because your world can change in a heartbeat.

The San Marcos Knights Football Family dropped off some food, snacks, beverages, and
a lots more today. There are no words to express our gratitude to our family, friends and supporters. A special thank you to Gayle and Kathy for their extra effort. Nicole, Travis and I
feel so lucky to have so many special people around. Thank you so much for all of the support.


  1. I am so glad he got off the respirator. He looks so much better without it. You are right about going back to is hard. We are also saving up our vacation time until Hope has her next surgery. You all continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. Praise GOD he looks GREAT! It's our joy to pray for him and both of you! Pastor Mark

  3. I am so happy Travis is doing better. He looks like he is so happy to be off that respirator!! I am praying for the little guy.. he is so precious and brave. Nicole and Roger, I am thinking of you both often. Your words and actions have really touched my heart. Liz

  4. He is beautiful! Desi has been keeping me informed. I know Desi has mentioned this, but if you need sick days, Desi wants to donate some of his so you can spend more time with travis.