Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pictures from the last 3 days

Here are some new pictures of our baby boy Travis. He is doing really good and we are just enjoying every minute we get to spend with him. We are just in a waiting period until he has his big Norwood surgery on the 20th.

Travis all bundled up after a bath.
Look at my boy posing for the camera. Travis up close and personal.
Travis loves to move his hands
Daddy stop taking pictures and tell me a story.
DADDY!!! Was that you or do I need my diaper changed.

I love my HUGE pacifier..
Travis is becoming such a good eater. They even mentioned taking his NG tube out.Travis is always watching us feed him to make sure he doesn't get cheated.

Travis is such a sweet boy.
Look at my hair and how small that I am.

Travis was wearing his Chargers socks for the big game on Sunday.
Chargers now 3-0 since his birth.
I really love this little dude.


  1. I visit you everyday, but haven't left comments. It is so good to see Travis growing and looking so good. My well wishes are sent to you each day.

  2. Those are the most precious pictures of Travis. He is so cute and love those eyes. It is so good to see him daily and how well he is doing. I still pray for you all, and hope things keep going well. Love you all

  3. Grandpa Roger said "WOW" to these photos. He loves the way Travis looks at you Roger. Me too.

  4. What greats pics of your boy. He looks so relaxed and calm....You look pretty happy too!
    Keep the pics coming, I love looking at them each day. Happy thoughts and prayers go out to you all.

  5. It's almost too hard for me to see these beautiful pictures and to watch the videos. My heart aches to hold my Grandson and to kiss those precious little hands. I dream of the day I can hold him for the 1st time and look forward to being his Nana for the rest of my life!