Saturday, November 21, 2009

Norwood Surgery Morning

Last night, Nicole and I spent some quality time with little Travis. His last opportunity to eat some yummy milk was at midnight and boy did he take advantage of that opportunity. He ate 70 cc, which is the most he has ever had in any sitting. He actually had to get a second bottle warmed up and ready. He also stayed awake looking around and showed us how strong he is getting. I think that helped Nicole and I get some sleep and be ready for the early morning wakeup call.

This morning we headed over to the hospital at 5:30 am to see him with our Pastor Mark Kuhn. Travis was wide awake looking around for some food. After our nice prayer with Pastor Mark, we got to hold Travis for a while. Travis went back to sleep in mommy's arms for a little bit, then I got a chance to hold him and he then went into a deeper sleep. It was funny, because he was so comfortable that his respiratory rate dropped low enough to set the alarms off. He was not in any trouble, just super comfy.

Then Travis got pissed as they had to take his temperature and change his diaper. Usually this is followed by food. Travis decided to show us that he is like any newborn baby. He through a huge temper tantrum. His arms and legs were flailing around while he screamed at the top of his lungs. Let me tell you that the whole NICU could here this little boy. It was starting to make us sad that we were going to take him to surgery so upset. After some of daddy's bad singing and some swaddling Travis finally calmed down.

We then were off to the operating room. In the hallway, we got to stop for a second for him to meet his Grandmas and aunties. They all got to give him their first little kiss to wish him best of luck. SSSHHHHHH!!!! We weren't really supposed to have them their, but we snuck them in.

Nicole and I then got whisked away to the Operating Room Holding Area and got to spend some more quality time with the boy.

He looks as strong and as good as he has in his short 4 weeks of life.

Let this be an indicator of how well he will do in long run.

Take care and keep the prayers flowing.

Nurse Practicioner just paged us at 1:00 pm and let us know that they had some trouble getting the IV's and lines in so the actual surgery started a little late. She said it'll be 2 to 4 more hours. She said so far things were going smoothly. Travis is still ON the heart/lung bypass.

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  1. Just checking in, hoping and praying that all is going well.