Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday update 11/30/2009

I thought I'd change it up a little bit for tonight's update.

  • He got his Trans Thoracic Line Off. This means we can hold him more.
  • He got his stitches from his drainage tubes off.
  • He is off all drips except for 1 maintenance drip for his PICC line.
  • We had a coupon for Babies R'us that expired today and bought him some cute clothes.
  • He is eating 10-12 ml of milk during his feeds through the bottle. (See Cons)
  • His vocal chords sound fine, ask anyone in a 20 yard range.
  • His diaphram also looks good, but they are keeping an eye on it.


  • He is getting 28-30 ml of milk through his NG tube.
  • He had some puking today, so he got a new medicine. (Prilosac)
  • He has a little liquid around his lungs. Keeping an eye on this.
  • Every patient comes back from heart surgery with a Pacemaker attached. Some babies are dependent and some are not. Travis' wasn't even on until Saturday. We found out today that they turned it on in the event that his heart rate dropped too low. When Travis sleeps, coughs, and sneezes there are tiny moments when his heart rate drops below 100. They turned on the pacemaker because of this. They do not seem too concerned, they think it may just be his normal resting heart rate. The idea of it scares us.

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