Sunday, May 30, 2010

Travis' 1st Official Beach Trip

Quick Update: Travis is doing really good. We are just enjoying life with a baby now. He has 2 teeth coming in, so he is a little fussy with that. We don't have another doctors appointment until June 26th. We went on are first beach trip today and that was super fun. I added some photos for everybody to enjoy. He is such a fun little guy.

Travis is flying high at home.

Travis hanging out and having a good time.
Travis on our first beach trip.
Travis and Daddy checking out the water.Travis was not a big fan of the cold beach water.
Travis liked playing in the sand.
Travis chilling at the beach.
Daddy and Travis enjoying the beach.
Travis is so cool with his shades.
Travis playing peek-a-boo.
Travis was so tired after his beach adventure.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Six Things Saturday

1. Travis has been doing so well since he has been home. It is hard to believe that he just had heart surgery a few weeks ago. He acts so normal! He is one tough little cookie! We went to the cardiologist on Friday and he did an ecco, an x-ray and an EKG. After reviewing all that and examining Travis he was happy with what he saw. He said Travis' heart function is looking real good. He mentioned that he does see a leaky valve but that is something they saw before and they will continue to monitor it. Dr. Levy said that he is going to have a clinic once a month in San Marcos which is FABULOUS for us as this will save us about 40 minutes when we head to his appointments. We will be going to our first pacemaker clinic at the end of June. We have noticed that Travis has been much more sweaty than he was before so Dr. levy decided to put him back on Digoxin (a heart med that helps the heart squeeze) to see if that helps. He was on Digoxin pre-op but they thought he did not need it any longer. Hopefully, that will alleviate the sweating a bit.

2. My mom participated in the Fallbrook Relay for Life today and we stopped by to say hi. Travis was a hit with all her friends and we even got some cool photos taken at one of the onsite fundraisers!!
Travis models his new hat that mommy bought on Etsy.

Still in LOVE with his paci!

He is seriously the cutest thing. Isn't this a cool shot? LOVE it!!!

Mommy took one....just for fun. Can you tell what team I am on?

3. Travis has been eating like CRAZY since we got home from the hospital and it has been paying off. He tipped the scale at 14lbs 3oz today before his bath!! Here are some shots of him eating....he LOVES solids!

He doesn't look happy here but he was mashing his face into the spoon because I wasn't feeding him fast enough!! :)

Travis was talking up a storm today in between bites! Too cute!

4. Travis is getting his first tooth!! We can see (and feel) the little nub coming up through his gums. As such, he has been getting quite cranky! He is also very clingy lately which we are not sure if that is caused by the tooth or from the surgery. When he is super cranky, daddy likes to take him outside to look at trees. Today, he surrendered and fell asleep on their walk.
5. Just had to throw this one in for fun because he is so darn cute! He LOVES to play with this blanket. I will lay him on the floor and fan it out above him slowly moving it down to cover his head and he will just crack up!!! He thinks mommy is funny when she does this. Usually, daddy is the only one who can get Travis to crack up!

6. It's official, we are moving (as if we need ANOTHER thing on our plate, right?). Our house is in escrow and expected to close on the 25th of June. It is definitely overwhelming but we think this is the best decision for all of us. We will be moving to Fallbrook, just off the 15 freeway at the 76. There is a pocket of houses there in an area they call Lake Rancho Viejo. We get the keys to our new place on June 1st and we will slowly move in. Let us know if you have a passion for hauling boxes!!! :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Home Sweet Home

After several hours of waiting for paperwork, tests, medicine and several other things hospitals do, we got to go home. We are so happy to be home. Travis looks like a million bucks and it really feels like nothing even happened to him.

Thank you to all of the people that put Travis in their prayers and thoughts. We really feel the love and support and appreciate all of the things people did for us.
All locked up and ready to go. Travis and family are homeward bound
Mommy and Travis happy to be going home.
Travis and Nicole on there way out of the hospital.
Travis was all dressed up and ready to go.
Travis was all smiles as we were waiting to be discharged.
Mommy when do we get to go home?
I am going to call for help to get out of here.
Travis got to meet one of the hospital dogs on his last day.
Travis was wore out after waiting for his discharge papers.

Heading Home.

We are just waiting on one more test and we should be heading home soon. Travis has been doing really great and is definitely ready to go home. Nicole and I want to go home today as well. There is no real news to report on Travis health or heart function. We have a follow-up appointment with our cardiologist on Friday, but we are sure it is just routine. If there was any concerns about Travis they wouldn't let us go home.

Hopefully we get the final discharge release soon. We will post some more pictures later.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Update

Everything is quiet on the Travis front. We are still in the hospital and are still in line to leave on Monday at some time. Nicole found out this morning that when they remove the Trans Thoracic line that they have to do another X-Ray and Echo. That means that Monday might be a later departure time than we expect. We are not complaining, but we really can't wait to get home and get back to life at home. Travis is back to being his happy, happy self and that means life is good.

At least we know that Travis will be coming home and that is really the best thing. He recovered so quickly from the surgery and has definitely bounced back.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday Night Update.

Travis was really happy all day. Doctors came by the room for about 5 minutes total today. We are just counting down the days and trying to have as much fun with Travis as possible. It has been nice to have some visitors the past couple of days. It really breaks up the days and it is good to talk about something other than medical stuff. Hopefully Travis will have another great night.
Travis showing his focus as he watches Sesame St. on the computer.
Travis and Mommy having some fun.
Travis and Mommy watching Sesame St. together.
Travis got a bath and his mohawk back.
If Travis didn't have the scar you would have no idea he had major surgery just 11 days ago.
"Mommy, I love you"
Where's Travis?
Travis has even more friends now. I think he has all of the puppet that are in the Gift Shop.
Auntie Tina brought Burt for Travis to play with.

A Video of Travis watching Sesame St.

Thursday Morning Update

No real news on the Travis front. I decided to take today off of work, because I was becoming a little to irritable with my students. Nicole and I are just wore out.

Travis had a great night last night. He slept from 10:00pm to 4:30am this morning. He woke up and chugged half a bottle and then ate the rest mixed with oatmeal. He then played for a little bit and went back to sleep. He woke up again at 8:30 and drank half the bottle, half of a banana, and some more oatmeal. He is eating well and really is back to his old self today.
Travis just relaxing in his cardiac big boy chair.
Travis has taken up reading to pass the time.
Hey Oscar, I 'm not so grouchy now.
All of my new friends.
Sweet baby boy.
Hi everybody!!
I caught Travis laughing at Grandma this morning
I want that toy!!!
I got it!!
Travis' view from his crib.
Nicole and my view from are chair.
I let Travis sit by the door last night and check out all of the action.