Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rainy Day=Progress

Today is a rainy day here in San Diego. I love rainy days! Especially ones that come with great news! As you can see on the previous post Travis made some great progress yesterday. Last night they weren't really doing much with him (in terms of his settings). We were a little frustrated because his gas numbers were all looking good. When we went to bed they were kind of sitting on the settings and we prayed that morning would bring changes. Well, this morning the action began! Travis got his ventilator off at around 9 this morning. He also got to get the third (and last) chest tube removed. The chest tube being out will likely make him much more comfortable because he really hated those. Now, you can see his little face again! They replaced the ventilator with a little nasal cannula that gives him extra oxygen. He'll wear that for a while now. And, Roger just called from the NICU and said that our nurse is going to try to give Travis a little bit off milk! Wish him luck. The easier he can adjust back to eating by mouth the closer we are to going home. The doctors say that coordinating sucking, swallowing, and breathing for heart babies is like running a marathon for us. So, pray that he'll be able to take the small amount and that we can increase it ever so slightly over the next week or so.

Pictures are forthcoming...

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  1. Such great news! We are all praying for you guys... hope he will be home at Christmas and to start new year at his own home.