Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tis the season for giving...

...wondering what you can do to help out a charity this year. If so, I'd strongly recommend donating money/time/cooking skills to the Ronald McDonald House. We are thankful to have this place to stay and they really do a nice job of trying to make it a nice home away from home. They serve meals here for lunch and dinner. Families and/or companies come in everyday to cook for all the residents of the house. It is such a nice thing to have a hot home cooked meal. Also, they provide pastries for breakfast.

You can help out by..
*signing up to provide lunch/dinner
*signing up to host a craft project for the kids here
*provide toiletries to be shared among house guests
*provide any kind of paper goods (paper towels, plates, utensils, cups, plates, etc.)
*donating any kids books/toys for the playroom

Roger and I know that when we get home we'd like to "pay back" the generosity we've received here and we will definitely be helping out the McDonald house!

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