Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday Evening Update

Today was an uneventful day. They really did not change much with Travis today. They want to keep him stable and waiting to see how everything looks. They did a ton of tests last night to figure out if there is an infection. So far, all of the culture tests have come back looking good. Nicole and I got to spend alot more time by the bedside today. He opened his eyes a couple of times for a second. We are just playing the waiting game and seeing what the next step will be.


  1. What an incredible little trooper you have! With the way Travis battles, you're sure to have a lineman on your hands in a few years :)
    Thoughts and prayers continue to go up for your sweet baby boy!
    -The Simmonds Family

  2. He is so cute. Not too much swelling either...or you take really good pictures. I am praying for an uneventful, fast recovery for Travis. You will definitely learn a great deal about patience...I know it is a skill I was and still am lacking.