Saturday, November 21, 2009

Update from Dr. Lamberti

Quote from Dr. Lamberti about Travis' Status after Surgery:
"We don't have a 20 point lead, but we are ahead and were playing well, but the game is not in the bag."

NOTES: From Dr. Lamberti - Post Operation

Things went smoothly. The operation went fine, there were no surprises. Travis has an unusual aorta, but the repair looks good. The post surgery echo looked good.

The amount of oxygenation in his blood isn't as high as he would like, but it has gotten steadily better as he has gotten out of surgery. His chest was left open to allow for the swelling or any other procedure that may be needed.

He said that basically he looks pretty good. This is a major surgery in a newborn and his status could change minute to minute. From his point of view, he is very happy with the repair.

He is a little worried about the blood gases, the amount of oxygen in the blood, he wishes it were higher, but its not so low that he needs to do something right away. He would be more relaxed if it were a little higher.

The procedure took a lot longer than expected, because they had no place to put the i.v.'s. They didn't make the first incision until about 10 o'clock. At the end, they had some troublesome bleeding which is typical for babies like Travis. These babies blood doesn't clot after such a long operation.

If the blood gases don't rise there is a ton of things that can be done. If his blood gases were not good and his heart muscle was too weak they could put him on ECMO. He doesn't expect his heart to be weak. ECMO would be a first fix, if the problem is ongoing they can go back to surgery and put a bigger tube in to increase blood oxygenation.

His heart started right back up. Travis' heart did not give them any trouble.

We have not seen Travis yet, but hope to see him soon.

Please pray that his blood oxygenation levels rise and all of his blood gas test come back good.


  1. Thank God he is out of surgery and recovering. Our thoughts and prayers will remain with the entire Di Carlo family and precious little Travis.

  2. So glad things went well. You are all in our prayers.

    Mom to Jack, HLHS

  3. Glad to hear that the surgery went well. You are in my thouhts and prays.

    Lisa S.