Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another Sunday at the NICU

We sat in the waiting room for most of the day checking in on Travis every hour for our 5 minute visit. Travis is doing really well. Blood gases continue to look good. They will not wean him anymore tonight from the ventilator because they plan to close his chest tomorrow at 11. Travis is so strong! He is moving a lot & they don't want him to. We are really trying not to talk to him or touch him much. Imagine moving around with your chest wide open. He amazes us! And God amazes us!
Now for some fun with Pictures. It is a needed distraction for me to work on the computer with this blog and use the computer. It occupies the time in my mind, so please don't make too much fun of me.

Travis definitely had his Charger Mojo going again.
He couldn't wear his Charger hat or bib today, but be sure he had them near him.These are the pictures that are connected to Travis' bed in the NICU.

Although Rivers, Tomlinson and Gates played great today Travis is showing them how to fight beyond all expectations. I love my baby boy.

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