Saturday, November 7, 2009


Nicole and I have been so lucky to have so many people help out in this extremely hard time for our family. I never want to be a burden on anyone and really fell bad asking for help. This whole situation requires us to lean on family, friends, strangers, and a lot of Travis supporters. Yesterday was another example of how people have touched our lives. Scott Carter and crew delivered 6 oven ready meals for us to make for the upcoming weeks. I was driving back to the hospital from work thinking of how special people our to sacrifice so much to help out somebody else. The second example was when we got back from seeing Travis last night. There was a note on our door to go to the front desk. One of my freshman football players family came down to deliver a care package. The care package had some yummy food and included a interactive book for Travis to enjoy. I want to thank Cole Simmonds and his family for taking the time to come by the McDonald House and deliver that care package. I also want to thank Jeff Dufek and family for providing Nicole and I a delicious taco salad last Monday Night.

The list of supporters is so long that I don't like to single out anyone, because I am sure that I will forget someone. So Thank You again everyone for all of your support.

By the Way, we have sufficient food for this week and probably next. Thanks again to all of the help.

Go Team Travis

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