Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Travis Update - Wednesday Morning - 2 Days Post Operation

Travis is doing great still. He is awake for short time and falls a asleep. He still is in some pain and hasn't flashed that million dollar smile yet. He got to have some Pedialyte and he drank it faster than he has ever drank before. I was sad that we could not give him some more. I am hoping he does the same with the formula that he will get a little later. Travis got to see all of his grandparents today as well. Nana Sue came by this morning to hang out with him. Grandpa Roger and Grandma Sue also were able to come down this afternoon to spend sometime with little man.

It is going pretty good so far and we hope it stays as smooth as it has. It is truly amazing that he is only 2 days post operation and looks so good. What a strong little dude.
Travis was looking around checking out the area.
His eyes are back to being as big as ever.
The Hospital has these cool chairs now and he loves it.
He got to drink some Pedialyte today and chugged the whole bottle in a flash.
Chug, Chug, Chug. I want more!!!
Our sweet baby boy.
Sleeping like a baby.
This is his internal pacemaker.


  1. Way to go Travis! We are rooting for you buddy!

  2. Oh my gosh, I cannot believe I didn't know all of this was going on with your sweet guy! I usually stalk your blog, but had so much going on with our little guy in the past 2 weeks I hadn't had a chance! How ironic that both of our guys got their pacemakers put in within a week of each other. Bodie is doing REALLY WELL with his bigger shunt and pacemaker - sounds like Travis is as well! BTW, I live in LA - sometime (when our boys are less fragile), I'd love to get them together to swap war stories...