Sunday, May 30, 2010

Travis' 1st Official Beach Trip

Quick Update: Travis is doing really good. We are just enjoying life with a baby now. He has 2 teeth coming in, so he is a little fussy with that. We don't have another doctors appointment until June 26th. We went on are first beach trip today and that was super fun. I added some photos for everybody to enjoy. He is such a fun little guy.

Travis is flying high at home.

Travis hanging out and having a good time.
Travis on our first beach trip.
Travis and Daddy checking out the water.Travis was not a big fan of the cold beach water.
Travis liked playing in the sand.
Travis chilling at the beach.
Daddy and Travis enjoying the beach.
Travis is so cool with his shades.
Travis playing peek-a-boo.
Travis was so tired after his beach adventure.


  1. Love these new pictures. Travis is so good natured and sweet and I'm so happy to see him so well.

    Happy Memorial Day!

  2. He is so precious!! Love the shades! What a cool dude. :)

  3. xD i love the shades ahahha !!! he is a cool dude :P