Wednesday, May 12, 2010

9 days

That's how long we've been in this place. It seems that the walls get smaller and smaller. Argh! It is so BORING sitting here all day and all night. I can understand why Travis is so fussy.....I would be too. Nothing new to report....we are just waiting until the antibiodics run their course. Then, if nothing changes, we'll get to go home. Thankfully, the echo they did yesterday looked good. THey did not see any of the blood bacteria growing on the heart. That is a blessing! Travis is still not wanting to eat formula but we were able to get some oatmeal and we are mixing it in with that. He is definitely taking solids well. He also continues to be fussy although I think he was better today than previous days. The cardiologist prescribed him some benedryl and we are hoping that it will ease his discomfort and his itching. We can definitely tell the itching is bugging him because he will rub his hand up and down on his t-shirt right above his scar. Poor little guy. He also developed a little rash on his chin (probably from laying down for so long) and we have been having to put cream on it. It looks better today so that is another blessing.

Roger and I are definitely feeling run down. Not getting enough sleep and then sitting with a fussy baby in a small room can definitely drain you. We are both super worn out. I keep telling myself....a few more days, a few more days. Tonight, I have the night shift. I am hopeful that Travis will sleep well! Good night.......


  1. You are soooo close. Hang in there.

  2. Only a few more days. Hang in there!!
    Good luck on your night shift.