Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday Afternoon Update

A bump in the road to recovery for Travis.

About 20 minutes after I finished the last blog entry I got the chance to feed Travis some solid food for the first time in his hospital stay. Just like the formula feeds he ate the baby food like a champ. He did cough a little bit during the feed and cried because his throat was hurting him. I took my time with him and he finished up the food and was cool. I was actually acting like a proud papa during the feed, because while he was eating the doctors were doing morning rounds. The morning rounds consist of about 15-20 doctors standing at his hospital room door looking at him and discussing his case. It was funny because Travis would take a big bite of his banana baby food and look at the doctors like "What you looking at?" He was a super good boy.

Well about an hour later he started acting really weird. He started turning a dusky color and super pale. He started breathing super fast and his heart rate sky rocketed to the high 190's (Way too High). His arms were also really weak and his hands were not profusing well at all and turning purplish. Also his saturation level was dipping in the low 60's compared to the 80's he has been for 3 days. He started to act lifeless. Of course all this was happening during a shift change and a new nurse who is nice, but didn't really know Travis and what he usually looks like. I immediately told her to get a doctor, because I have seen Travis look bad, but this was the worst and scariest I have ever been looking at my son.

The good and bad thing about a hospital is they never seem to be in a rush. The doctors came by a few minutes later and looked at him for about 2 minutes. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, Travis was starting to change back to his normal color and his statistics starting heading back in the right direction. The doctors then ordered up a ton of tests including: Echo, Chest X-Rays, Urine Culture, Blood Culture, and a bunch of other tests that have crazy initials. He also had his blood gas test that he gets often. That initially came back with a really out of whack numbers. His lactic was off the charts and a concern for them. They repeated the blood gas just an hour later and it was almost normal.

So far all of the other test are coming back good. They think he may have aspirated the food into his lungs or may have an infection. As for now we wait. They have stopped all of his feeds for 24 hours, they put his catheter back in, and they have postponed everything until further notice.

All is calm now and Travis is back to being real sleepy and lethargic. He wakes up a little bit and is extremely hungry. He is crying for food and it is about the saddest thing ever. I feel like crying every time he cries, because there is nothing I can do.

Hopefully it is nothing and we can get back on the right track.


  1. He is strong guys, maybe it was just a little too much too fast! He's a fighter and he will be back to that happy sweet boy we all know & love! Hang in there I can't imagine what you both are going through. You both are such an inspiration to the rest of us! We will continue to pray for your baby boy & both of you...just a small detour off the path he was heading...if there is anything you need please let us know! Love you all!

  2. Oh how scary!!! I'm thinking of him. Take care.

  3. Keep posting your thoughts as they come. It might give you a lttle release of some of the anxiety you may be feeling.

    Babies can go from good to bad and back to good like nobody's business, not that Travis is like all babies. Always go with your gut feeling. You did the right thing and put the wheels in motion for Travis. Way to go!

    But I have to agree with, Jillian, it had to be scary. Thank you for sharing so much.