Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Pictures

Can't get enough of this smile.
Travis went on a trip around the IMU with Mommy and Grandma
Travis was smiling at all the nurses, but when they told him he had to stay he gave them this face.

Daddy wasn't very smart and gave him meds after he ate. At home he usually pukes up afterwards and they wanted to get his meds in him at a certain time. Travis was o.k. Can you guess what he ate?
Travis after getting a much need bath.
Travis absolutely loved his bath. He was such a trooper.


  1. God made 'em extra cute when he made that sweet boy of yours! Thanks for the new pictures! I am just going to eat him up!!!!!
    Praying for comfort and health always!

  2. I am so happy to see Travis smiling. I'm sure he loved the ride! Praying you all get home soon.

  3. Travis is just too cute especially without all those extra wires!

  4. I'm hoping you haven't updated the blog because you've finally been sent home!!
    Big hugs and kisses to little Travis.