Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Morning Pics

A little update. Travis had another rough night. Nicole stayed the night, so I could get a little sleep before having to come back to work. He only slept an hour or two and was fussy most of the night. There is something not quite right with him. According to the cardiologist his heart looks great and the problem is not with it. Hopefully, we can figure it out and get home. Accordin
The doctors did allow him to have some soft solids last night. He got to eat some pureed carrots and did great with it, but unfortunately we had to give him meds 15 minutes after he ate. Well at home we have learned that if you give him meds after eating he will puke it up. Unfortunately last night we had to give him his meds and just like at home he puked up all the carrots and meds all over the bed. It was a mess, but Travis seemed a whole lot happier afterwards. The nurse was super nice and helped me give him a bath and got him all cleaned up. Travis really enjoyed the bath and was acting like his old self, smiling and flirting with the Nurse.
We are hoping today we will find out about a possible time frame on leaving the hospital.
"Daddy, When are we getting out of here?"
Travis is starting to act a little more like himself.Travis flashing his million dollar smile
Travis showing off his big bug eyes
Travis didn't forget about Mother's Day. He got Nicole a nice card and personalized it.
Our new room in the IMU. We are sharing it with another heart baby. It is hard to share because the babies sometimes set each other off with the crying.
Travis loves to sleep on his side.

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