Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Morning Update

Have not met with the doctors yet, but the nurse allowed Travis to have some Pedialyte. Thank goodness. The paci and sweetease (A sugar-water mixture) trick was starting to fail miserably. I'm scared to say what the plan is for today, but he may get the other chest tube out and the arterial line in his right arm.

As for now, my therapy session of updating the blog with pictures of our boy is now in session. Enjoy and keep the prayers coming. We are clearly not out of the woods yet. Oh....still no smile.
Our sweet baby boy. He has been looking so sad the past few days.
Travis got super comfy sleeping on his side.
Travis chest after surgery. They removed 1 chest tube so far.
We had to buy him this Elmo puppet from the gift shop.
Hey that is a cute baby in the mirror.

Travis after eating solids. He was so happy and sweet.
Check out his focus. He made sure I didn't miss a scoop.
Although Travis isn't feeling to hot. He is still a little Rockstar.


  1. The first smile will come very soon.
    Travis rocks!!!

  2. He is so precious! I love that picture of him eating the solid food. He looks like he is saying "Daddy, you better not let any of that drip off the spoon!" :) You continue to be in my prayers.