Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday Night Update.

Travis was really happy all day. Doctors came by the room for about 5 minutes total today. We are just counting down the days and trying to have as much fun with Travis as possible. It has been nice to have some visitors the past couple of days. It really breaks up the days and it is good to talk about something other than medical stuff. Hopefully Travis will have another great night.
Travis showing his focus as he watches Sesame St. on the computer.
Travis and Mommy having some fun.
Travis and Mommy watching Sesame St. together.
Travis got a bath and his mohawk back.
If Travis didn't have the scar you would have no idea he had major surgery just 11 days ago.
"Mommy, I love you"
Where's Travis?
Travis has even more friends now. I think he has all of the puppet that are in the Gift Shop.
Auntie Tina brought Burt for Travis to play with.

A Video of Travis watching Sesame St.


  1. Yay! That million dollar smile is back!!!Hey guys! Travis looks amazing! He is just adorable. Hang in there! Just a couple more days (easier said than done). You are truly blessed to have one another. Always in my heart, thoughts, and prayers...Shanyssa
    P.S. Those are some really cool friends Travis has made during his stay...where's Mr.Snuffleupagus?

  2. What a cutie. I know he is just counting down the days until he gets to go home!

  3. Travis looks really great!!! I'm really amazed!
    Time to go home must be really close now.

  4. Travis looks awesome !! , Griver is also a Sesame St. addict xD hahah.. ( he is jealous because Travis have all of the puppets )hahah:P
    we have the same problems as you guys had like the noisy neighbor r_r !! my mom said Hi !!
    give a looooot of kisses to Travis :D ! he's the sweetest baby ever ( he needs to be in the Griver's rock band hahahah)