Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Update

Good news is we were moved to the step down unit. The bad news is we have to share a room. So far, we've listened to four episodes of Good Times. We don't even want to leave to get food because were essentially leaving him with strangers.

Travis is almost himself again. He is looking around and playing with toys. He smiled a little bit, but still not the happiest baby like he is at home. His color looks great and his Saturation level has been hanging in the high 85-90's That is extremely high for him, at home he saturates at a rate of 72-80.

He is taking most of his medication orally now. He still has a Transthoracic I.V. line in for his antibiotics. He has been eating a lot better and actually had a good bowel movement finally.

We have not got a plan yet from the doctors. We are still hoping that they might let him go home on the antibiotics that we can give or have a home health nurse.

We appreciate what this place has done for Travis and our family. We just like our home a lot better.


  1. I surely hope they'll let you go home soon. Prayers for Travis and you all are always steady and strong.

  2. Happy Mother's day, Nicole!!!

  3. I am praying that you are on your way home soon. Happy Mother's Day Nicole!