Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Travis is Breathing (and Crying) on his own....

Travis is off the ventilator. Scary few moments there. He held his breath and turned blue. The nurse and respiratory therapist looked worried. THen he started breathing but his sats were low. I suggested a paci and it did the trick. Now his sats are good and he is happily snoozing. We can hear him cry now....his throat is sore so his cry is still weak. Please pray he continues to breathe well on his own.

He is also off all pain meds except morphine as needed. These are good things. We will try to post some vent free pics later!!!

Praise God for progress!

P.S. the things on his arms are there so he can not bend his arms to pull out any tubes. They call them "no, No's"


  1. congratulations! Travis is such a fighter. At least in PICU you have more room! Tell the nurses that Troy Read says "hi". We were there for 10 days in February! Post operative stay as well.........

    Jodi and troy

    ps: I have a love/hate thing for no-no's......

  2. hahaha griver had the no-no's too I keep one here xD hahah but just for griver's memory box :P
    Travis look sooo well!!