Saturday, May 8, 2010

Friday Update

Today started out pretty rough for us. The doctors came in this morning after rounds and explained that Travis has a bacteria infection in his blood. They had already started him on antibiotics after his Thursday morning episode. The doctors told us that the antibiotic treatment could be as long as 7-21 days. This would extend our stay here a lot longer than we expected. The important thing to remember for us is to do what is best for Travis. But we are a little frustrated to say the least. If this was the first time that we had to deal with an infection it would be different, but it isn’t. Travis got 2 infections during his last stay in the hospital. It is maddening to think that we did such a good job of keeping him so healthy during his 5 months at home and he gets sick 3 days into this hospital stay. We are hoping the doctors can allow us to give him his antibiotics at home.

On a more positive note, Travis was able to start up his feeding again. They started him on Pedialyte for the first couple of attempts and it went great. He then got some formula and chugged his 2 ounces. He has done a good job so far and is eating every 3 hours. The only concerning things is that he has a meltdown about 20 minutes after eating. Our nurse thinks that he may be constipated and is trying to get some meds for that. He is in a lot of pain during the meltdowns and has had to get morphine twice.

Travis also got a bunch of stuff of his little body today. He got the other chest tube off, Arterial line that was in his right arm and got his pacer wires disconnected from the external pacemaker. Getting all of this stuff off meant that Nicole and I get to hold him again.

Travis is close to getting back to his old self. NO SMILE yet, but he got really close a couple of times and was playing with some of his toys. I am hoping that tomorrow is the day.

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  1. I am so sorry you are having to fight off another infection. That is the hardest part of taking our little ones to the hospital...there is so much infection there. I am keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers.