Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pictures and Updates

There really is not much to report. Travis is doing so good with no real issues. He is still eating really well and we are starting to get into some routines. I think we got the medicines down pretty good and he does a really good job of taking them. Nicole and I share the nighttime routine and that is going relatively smooth. It is going to be really hard for me to go back to work and leave Nicole and Travis for the entire day. It has been really nice to have this winter break to get accustomed to having a son. I am going to miss my little bugger.
Take care and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Carol and Mark Kuhn (Our Pastor who married us) taking care of Travis/
The DiCarlo Family 2009
A Travis Sandwich Kiss.
Travis showing off how strong he is getting. Check out those Neck muscles.
Check out Travis' Mohawk.
What's Up World!!!
Check out this cute outfit, especially the bear feet.


  1. Hi Travis,
    You are the cutest and toughtest baby boy I know!!!
    Love, your Grandma's friend, Jodi

  2. Nicole, he is too cute with that mohawk! Looks like he LOVES being home!