Saturday, December 12, 2009

Practicing for Departure.

Travis is on track for coming home soon. He is eating very good since they took out his NG tube. He actually gets hungry now which is good and bad. The good news is that he eats because he wants to eat, instead of feeding him through a tube. The bad news is that he will let you know when he is hungry and little man can scream with the best of them.

Since the move to the IMU (Intermediate Medical Unit), we have been able to spend the night with Travis. Nicole spent the first 2 nights with him and I spent last night with him. The nurses are nice, but don't do very much as far as care for him. The thought process in this unit is for the parents to take care of the children so they can go home. The nurses are more of a security blanket in case we have questions or need something. It is nice to know that they are just a push of the button away.

This move was stressful at the beginning, but it turned out to be a good move. Keep up the prayers for a discharge soon. Travis just needs to continue to eat, eat, eat......

Take care and thanks for keeping up with our story.


  1. GREAT NEWS!!! It sounds like you will be out of there and home before Christmas for sure. What a wonderful Christmas you will have this year. He is absolutely adorable and he does look ready to be at home.

  2. It's a good story to keep up with. Good luck with the move home. Travis has so much to see and do.