Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pictures and Highlights

Wednesday Highlights:
  • Sleep, Eat, Poop,

  • Throw up NG Tube and 10cc of high quality breast milk.

  • Nicole "accidentally" pulls PICC Line out while changing diaper. (This scared the heck out of Nicole, it was ok and not a big deal)

  • Pacemaker was lowered to a lower setting.

  • Got our Discharge Preparation Binder. (First step home)

Thursday Highlights:

  • Sleep, Eat, Poop
  • He is weighing in at 3.32 kg which is 7 lbs 2 ounces

  • Pacemaker is turned off, but still attached

  • Talk of moving Travis is to a step down unit. We would have our own room and the ability to stay the night with him.

  • Nicole and I went to Baby Prep Class. This was a class on taking care of Travis when he gets home.
You can tell the Travis is the son of 2 teachers. He is already perfecting the LOOK!!

Nicole got a couple of pics of Travis without his NG tube.Travis and me having some quality time. I am not sure what is growing bigger, the pacifier or Travis. Sleep is good!!!


  1. Praying for step down soon! He is doing GREAT. You have to be so proud of your little man. You will have the same Sleep, Eat, Poop updates when he comes home.

  2. Sleep, eat, poop....sounds like the life!

    -Aunt Tina