Thursday, December 17, 2009

Home Pictures and Albums

Our life is starting to become a new type of normal. We have given Travis a bath, went for a walk, and tomorrow we are going to take our first trip out. (Doctor's appt.) We are starting to get organized with his medications, feedings and his night care. Nicole is so organized with everything she does. She made up a medication schedule that makes giving his 7 medicines much easier. She also made a worksheet for us to keep track of his feeding, sat levels, poops, and temperature. The doctors did not ask for that information, but we feel like it is a valuable tool for us to keep Travis on track.
Have a great day and thanks for following our special boy.
Pictures from the last couple of days at home.
Travis all ready for his first stroller ride with the dogs.
The DiCarlo Family (Roger, Nicole, Travis, Vinny, Zee)
Mommy in control.
Daddy got his turn to take the lead.
Travis got his first real bath at home last night.
Travis checking himself out in the mirror.
Mommy and Travis after a successful first bath.
Travis enjoying his new swing after another great day at home.
I decided to put some more photos on a photo album, just in case you can't get enough of our little man.

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  1. Y'all look so happy. Congratulations on your little man finally coming home! Merry Christmas!