Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pictures from 12/14/2009 - Discharge Day.

Travis had a wagon ride to get an X-Ray prior to discharge.
Go faster mommy, go faster.
Mommy giving Travis a bath before leaving.
All Clean!!!
Daddy so excited to take Travis wires off.
Travis on his way to the car. Another fun wagon ride.
This world is kind of crazy looking.
Here is one of the greatest moments ever.
Daddy, Mommy, and Travis leaving the hospital after 52 nights.
Travis sleeping after car started moving.
Mommy walking Travis up to the front door.
Success....we made it.
Grandma's sharing a special moment at home.
Our dog Zee wasn't as excited about seeing Travis
Our other dog Vinny wasn't thrilled either
Grandpa got to see baby Travis for the first time.
Travis was wore out after a long day of getting kissed.
Its almost Bedtime....So glad to be home.


  1. It must have been an eternity for you guys, but it feels like Travis was just born and just had his surgery(ies). I guess that is the difference between living it and watching somebody else live it. Congratulations on making it home safely AND getting through your first night home. Wishing you the best of peace and joy through this first holiday season.
    Jennifer, Alex, Brycen, and Baby Girl