Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Update

Another Sunday, another Charger win! Go Travis! 7-0 since your birth!

Travis is doing really well. He is finally getting this eating thing. Last night and today he consistently ate between 40-60. The doctors upped his goal to 65ml now because he is growing. He weighs about 7.7lbs. Roger and I think he is gaining weight mostly in his cheeks. He is too cute! We are getting more and more hopeful that we are close to going home but no one really gives us a time estimate for discharge. Although we are super excited to get to leave the hospital, I must admit I am freaking out about taking care of Travis without all the monitoring to ensure us that he is fine. The nurses and doctors keep telling me that "we will know" if something is wrong with him. Really? How can they be sure? This is a beautiful little life that is going to be in our hands. It is overwhelming to think of our discharge in those terms.

Roger and I each took an overnight trip to our house this weekend. It was really strange. After being gone so long and with everything that has changed, I really felt like a stranger in my own home. It was, however, FABULOUS to spend time with my doggies. They were very happy to see us. It was hard to just relax though because the house is so dirty and there is SOOO much to do before we bring Bug home. My mom is organizing getting things handled before we go home. Thanks mom!

Is Christmas really around the corner?

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  1. Even Travis beat the Browns!
    Once a team is beaten by a baby, don't they have to leave the league?

    I'm so happy to see that all continues to go well with Travis and his recovery.
    Does your hospital have a Home Monitoring Program? NCH provided a scale and pulse oximieter for us to use at home. We also have to keep a log of his feeds. We report the information to the hospital every week between appointments. Maybe your docs will want a home health nurse to come out and check up on Travis instead.
    Does your health insurance provide you with a case manager? Ours has been a big help and valuable source of information. Not so much with the insurance end of things, but she's very knowledgable about all of the different resources available to us because of Gabe's heart.
    Everyone at the hospital wants you to succeed as parental units [The rest of us already knows that you will!]. They will usually do whatever they can to help you. Ask lots and lots and lots of questions. I was surprised at what I learned just through casual conversation with the nurses.