Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We've been "upgraded"!

So, today was the day that Travis got transferred out of the NICU. After 6.5 weeks we've been "upgraded". We are now staying in the intermediate care unit at Children's hospital. Originally when we got here I had a major meltdown. They put Travis in a double room. Our neighbors seemed nice enough but I hated the idea of leaving my 7 week old with "strangers"... if only for a few minutes to run down the hall to the bathroom (it's way out there). That combined with the fact that the nurses are outside of the rooms and can't hear him when he cries (they only see what is on the monitors) and that this setup is totally giving me flashbacks to my dad's illness gave me an anxiety attack. Roger got here after work and I went over to the McDonald house to take a shower, eat and regroup while he stayed with bug. When I came back I was feeling a little better but still bummed about the strangers in the room thing. As I was walking Roger out tonight we ran into one of the docs and he was asking us if we liked how much more quiet it is over here. We told him yes, but I mentioned my anxiety over the double room. I guess the charge nurse overheard because when I came back they offered to move us to a single room! Yay! So, Travis and I are hanging out in our new "crib"...well he's in a crib, I'm on a chair bed. It is much quieter and I am excited that this is the very first night I get to spend with my baby! I'm also excited that I can use my computer in here and there is a TV. I can watch my shows now! And although these accommodations are nice, home will be much nicer so we don't want to get too comfy. Hopefully, we can be home in a week or so! Pray that Travis gets stronger and stronger on his feeds. Once he starts taking 65ml for 48 hours we can get out of here!

PS I've been talking to Travis about Santa and he is excited to meet the big fella. I am hoping that motivates him to eat more!


  1. I am so happy for all of you. Our step-down is pretty similar...although with ours there are pods so basically just a curtain blocking out the other family. And the same with the nurses...they were outside the door and it made me nervous to even go to the bathroom.

    Keep up the good work on the eating and you will have a wonderful Christmas at home with Travis!

  2. So happy to hear things are going so well for all of you. Home for Christmas would be such a wonderful blessing for your entire family. Thanks for all the updates. We all love knowing what's happening with you. We hope to see you soon. Hugs!

  3. Praise God. He looks fantastic! Praying he's ya all are home before Christmas! Pastor Mark

  4. Yay! Incredible news! Thank you for keeping us updated! This news moved me to tears. Come on Travis only 65ml. You can do it! Go Travis, go!

    P.S. I spoke to Santa about Travis and he told me he was at the top of his list!

  5. Way to go, Travis!
    Congratulations on your new digs!
    Keep up the good feeds!
    Hang in there Mom - you're doing a great job!