Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another Big Day

We have 3 appointments coming up tomorrow. We have a Non-Stress Test at 11:00 to check out how the baby is doing. They will check out his heart beat and see if Nicole is having any contractions. We have a 2:00 with our Perinatologist who will continue to inform on us of delivery options. She also has been really checking Nicole for any symptoms that can cause damage to her or baby Travis. Our Perinatologist is a really nice lady and has been really helpful in answering all of our questions. Our last appointment is at 3:30 with Dr. Levy, our Cardiologist. He will be checking Travis' heart again to get a better diagnosis of his condition. The last time we met with Dr. Levy, he informed us that the original diagnosis of HLHS may be incorrect. The baby still will need 3 major open heart surgeries, but the first one could be less invasive if the big main artery is the aorta. In a post below, I showed a diagram of the last appointments finding. Lets all hope that he can get a better view of the heart so he can continue to give us a better idea of Travis' condition.

On top of all 3 of the appointments, I will be running back to the High School to coach the Freshman Football Team at 5:00. I should make it right on time for Kickoff as long as Traffic is not too bad.

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  1. GO KNIGHTS! Our hearts are with you today!