Friday, October 30, 2009

Not a good night....

This evenings update is the Travis MAY have and infection. This is definitely not good. This would put the surgery that he needs off for several days, maybe weeks. The doctors were concerned with 2 things today. They were concerned with a culture test that they took this afternoon showing a possible bacterial growth (Which means infection). The other concern is the redness around his chest opening. You can see a little bit of it in the pictures below. They think it is just from the tape that is covering it, so they redressed the opening. Hopefully we can get some of these questions answered tomorrow. In the meantime, we are more stressed.

Other unfortunate news:

Both Nicole and I are heartbroken for a family we met here at the McDonald house. We spoke with a guy in the elevator one day because he looked like he needed a friend. He told us about his son who has cancer...everywhere. We've been following up with him when we see him. Today he shared that he has to let his 9 year old go, pull the plug. Nothing else to be done. Say a little prayer for Xavier Hernandez as he joins the other angels.

For a place that has so many miracles happen every day, it is hard to see past the sad stories and upset faces. Very draining emotionally for both Nicole and I. Especially because we are both teachers and are invested in the lives of so many children.

Makes you realize you need to treasure every second that you have with your family.

Good Night


  1. Going through all of this does make you treasure every moment you spend with everyone in your life...even people you just meet briefly on the street. It is especially hard when you meet and get to know parents and children at the hospital and they run into setbacks or they lose their child. We have cried and been heartbroken a lot over the last 6 weeks. We have also seen our own and many other miracles which have shown us what a miracle every day is with Hope and with our other children.

    I will pray for that the redness and the culture turn out to be nothing to worry about. They can usually do a round of antibiotics and that takes care of it.

    You are all in my thoughts and prayers every day.

  2. A sick child of any degree can be heart wrenching. I have been to the oncology/hematology department at children's and the staff is amazing and the parents are strong individuals. The children are sometimes the ones that amaze you the most. They definitely do their best to make lemonade from their lemons.

    I think of Travis many times during the day. On Thursday I was at Navy Hospital myself with my dad. His heart battle started at 40 with his first heart attack. Since then he has had 3 heart bypass surgeries. He is now 70. No matter the age though it was always amazing to me how quickly he could recover from having his chest cracked open.

    My wish for you is that Travis will remain strong and amaze you with how quickly he can recover too.

  3. Hi just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you all. I know its difficult to keep positive but you seem to be doing a pretty good job. Just know he's in good hands and has lots of people praying for him and also you.

  4. a note from Texas
    just to let you know you know we think of you daily and that our prayers and thoughts of all of you are with us.Travis is adorable and you must be so proud!

    the Ring family (aka)Gayle Calderons mom and Dereks grandparents