Sunday, October 25, 2009

Teaching Travis Football and Talking Sports

They let Travis wear his Charger bib for the big game today. The Chargers won with Travis being one of their newest fans. I also was talking to him about the San Marcos Varsity Football team on Friday night as well. I was getting updates via text while sitting by his bedside. Travis and I were excited to hear about the great win they posted in league against Westview. Nicole is worried that all I talk to him is about sports, but that is not always true. I just don't talk to him about sports, I read to him as well. I was reading him the new issue of Sports Illustrated this morning. So I read and talk to him about sports already.
Go Knights....Go Chargers

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  1. Keep the reports coming! I enjoy the updates on how both mother and son are doing.. OH.... and dad too..

    Dean Hall