Tuesday, October 20, 2009


5 days and counting until Travis is here with us. That alone is enough stress for me. Now, add that to the fact that our little newborn son will have a complex heart surgery on the 29th and then you can get the idea of the anxiety I have right now.

I am off from work this week and taking this time to get things ready for our journey ahead of us. Getting bills paid, chores done, things ready for a long hospital stay followed by a newborn coming home. It has been nice to nap at any time I want....however, It is NOT releasing any anxiety I have. I just can't get my body to relax and give it over to God. I am so scared. My fears are overwhelming. So many unknowns...

We have another appointment tomorrow with Dr. Piacquadio. She'll check me to see if I have had any progress towards labor and we'll go over the game plan for Sunday. I'll update tomorrow night.

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