Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We are asking for your help.

Hello Everyone,

It's never easy to have to ask for help...especially financial help. However, you all know about our baby's congenital heart defect. Although Roger and I are extremely blessed with a nice home, good jobs, and great insurance, there are numerous expenses we are looking at with the birth of Travis. The first, and most pressing, is the banking of Travis' cord blood (please see post below). Secondly, we are unsure how long I will have to be off work and this, combined with the fees of traveling and lodging during Travis' hospital stays are a huge financial burden for us.

Any donations will be very helpful. We know times are tough but if you wish donate to Travis' medical expenses and be part of this special little man's life, you can click on the donate button on the top right of our website or go to any Chase Bank with the information in the post below. All donations will be used for medical bills and expenses directly related to Travis health. Your donation will be kept private and no one will ever hear about it except Travis, Roger and I. Your generosity and help are greatly appreciated. Do not feel obligated to give, we love you no matter what.


Nicole and Roger DiCarlo

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