Monday, October 26, 2009

This is the Life with a Cardiac Baby

The good news today is that Travis is doing pretty well. We were under the assumption from the conversation I had with the cardiologist that Travis would need an immediate surgery Monday morning. This was based on his condition at birth and all of the studies done in the first day of life. This morning the cardiac team of doctors (10 or so that I saw) had a meeting to discuss the plan for Travis. They now think that he is stable and can have surgery on Thursday like originally scheduled. This is good news, because Nicole and I can bond with him a little more before the big day. But as told to us several times in the past 3 days these plans can change any minute for several different reasons. Including Travis' condition, babies that need immediate surgery, and the funny one is Dr. Lamberti's whim. Dr. Lamberti is one of the best doctors in the world and he does stuff based on his years of knowledge.

Today was also special because Nicole got to spend time with Travis. She got discharged from the hospital and rushed over to Childrens to see him. We spent most of the day with him and his Nurse Denise. It was special to see Travis and Nicole bond again. He was the most active I have seen him in his 2 days at Childrens. He tried to open his eyes to check us out, but his poor little eyes are swollen from all of the medication that he is on. He definitely could recognize her voice and showed a lot different movement that he has not shown before.

We had another long day and look forward to what tomorrow brings...


  1. I am so glad Nicole got bonding time...and especially glad she was released. Enjoy your time with is precious and he recognizes everything even if he can't show it all the time.

    I will continue keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. This blog is just incredible! I check it everyday and love being able to read about Travis. Roger thank you so much writing all of this for us! Oh and reading and talking with Travis about sports is awesome!!!!

  3. Roger and Nicole,
    thanks so much for the news. I feel like I know little Travis already. Being able to follow along with his life is so cool. I know he feels your presence through your touch and hears your love come through your voice.
    Thinking of you and praying for Travis.
    Pat and Portia

  4. Hang in there everyone! I feel like I know Travis already, just from this blog. I know he feels and hears your love just from your presence and voice. We are praying for you.
    Pat and Portia