Thursday, October 22, 2009

This is way too much fun..

...finally got some internet access here and thought I would send an update. After 30 hours in the hospital and six rounds of cervadil we still have not much to report. Around 5:45 they are going to start me on the pitocin. I am nervous about that because the anesthesiologist still isn't sure whether an epidural will work for my spine or not. Due to my spinal fushions, they only have two spaces on my spine that they can place an epidural and they are small spaces. It makes me really nervous because I know how hard pitocin can make the pain. I am getting more nervous and frustrated as the hours tick by. I want to get up and walk around but they want Travis to be continually monitored. Therefore, my time is spent flipping left to right and the most exciting part is getting up to walk to the restroom. Plus, they aren't feeding me and I'm starving. At this point, we're thinking Travis will have a birthday sometime on the 23rd. Hopefully early on the 23rd. Continue to pray for us and pray that the epidural will be successful...I'm pretty sure I'm a wimp.

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  1. I am sending out prayers that you are able to get the epidural and everything progresses really well.