Thursday, October 8, 2009

Roller Coaster

Well, the roller coaster continues. We had our appointments today and we were feeling pretty hopeful as the day began. The non-stress test was fine and our perinatologist wants to induce me on the evening of the 25th (hoping for T's arrival on the 26th). That would leave 5 days available before the surgeon we like the most leaves town. She also said that in looking at the x-rays of my spinal fusions, it looks like they WILL be able to give me an epidural (yay!). Baby is measuring at 6lbs 14oz. He has grown a lot in the past few weeks which explains my rapidly growing belly. Unfortunately, at our EKG with the cardiologist the anticipated diagnosis changed again (back to the original diagnosis of Double Outlet Right Ventricle Hypoplastic Left Heart). Last time he thought he saw one great vessel and thought it was the aorta (which would require an easier first round of surgery). Today, he saw two great vessels and thinks that the Pulmonary Artery is the bigger of the two (requiring the more difficult Norwood procedure for the first surgery). Roger and I were very heart broken to get this news as we have been putting all of our hope into the last diagnosis. Dr. Levy was very kind and sympathetic and said he can not be 100% sure either way until a full study is done at birth. So, the wait continues. Please continue to pray for the larger vessel to be the Aorta!!!!!!!

After our appointments, we rushed to Roger's football game and made it just a few minutes late. The Knights won 33-8 against Ramona! Yay! We were both overcome with emotion when we found out that the team moms had set up a collection for Baby Travis. They made announcements throughout the game and even went into the stands collecting money for the expenses we have ahead of us. I was very emotional after the appointments and the generosity of the Knight's families really touched my heart. They handed us a nice chunk of money when the game was over. We don't even have the right words to express our gratitude to everyone who is helping us out emotionally or financially. Thank you!!


  1. Hi Nicole and Roger,

    I just wanted to tell you both that I am sending ALL of my prayers and good energy your way... I have been praying really, really hard..... I have asked others I know to pray as well...
    Leesa (Ryan's teacher from Madison) and good friend of the family

  2. I am now a follower of your blog. I am adding your family to my prayer list. The hardest part is the unknown...although the knowing for us was pretty hard too. Keep the faith and know that God is watching over all of us.