Saturday, October 24, 2009

So hard... is so vey hard to be here stuck at a different hospital when your little newborn was wisked away so quickly. I barely had 5 mins with him...and I only got to touch his feet and little sweet cheek. I feel very heartbroken. I am trying to be strong and tough so I can get out of here quicker. It feels so unreal that he is even here because I haven't got to spend any time with him. Feels like a crazy dream.

Roger has been with him and talking to him a lot so he knows someone is there. I can't wait until I can talk to him because dad is just talking about sports, I'm sure. My good friend Jen printed out a bunch of pictures for me to hang in my room here and I just sit here staring at his sweet little face....he is definitely Roger's baby. If I wasn't cut open and sore from pushing, I'd question my involvement.

Roger says Travis is going for a full MRI today around 2:30pm to check how everything is working. So, pray for some positive news from that. And pray for all three of us to have the strength we need over the next few weeks. Roger needs strength to be at RCHSD making decisions for Travis, I need strength to heal and get over there soon, and of course...Travis needs strength for his surgery and to know we love him so much!!!

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