Saturday, October 24, 2009

Baby Travis' Birth Story

As you know we were originally scheduled for an induction tomorrow, Oct. 25th. However, we went in for our weekly appointment with the perinatologist and she said my water was a little too low for her comfort level and said that "today is the day". Of course, we did not bring any of the things we needed with us because I was sure it would NOT be the day. Anyway, we were admitted at 10:30am on Wednesday (10/21) and I was given 6 doses of cervix softener (one every four hours). That process was long and boring...and only opened my cervix to a three. I was allowed to shower before they started giving me pitocin...felt so nice. Then a little later my water much for feeling clean. The pitocin was given at 8pm (10/22) and the contractions got more and more intense fairly quickly. They were able to get an epidural in around midnight and I've never been more happy...I cried tears of joy! Labor is NO JOKE. They had to try 5 times because I've had spinal surgeries and there were only a couple spots in my spine that they could get it in due to my spinal surgeries. Finally, at 6am I was 10cm and ready to push. I pushed from 8:00-11:45. His heartrate was wonderful through the whole process. However, the doc said his head was turned in the wrong direction and he was kind of stuck. So, c-section was the option. Because I had pushed for so long they had to make a longer incision and it took some work to get him "unstuck" from my pelvis and push him back up. He came out looking pink and healthy....6lbs 2oz, 18 inches long. He was born at 12:57pm on Friday, October 23rd.

They wisked him off before I could touch him or get a good look at him. He was transferred to Children's Hospital before I was released from the recovery room but they did bring him by on his way out and I was able to say hi and touch his little face. Roger is staying there with him and I am here at a different hospital for a few days. They are running tests on him with a possible surgery date of Monday.

The teams at both places have been really great. The L&D nurses were great and the doctors have been very kind. We had two real special labor nurses...Noelle, Dolores and Jan. They were so wonderful!!! I am trying to walk around a lot so I can get out of here and be there ASAP. It is so very hard to be here. Please keep the prayers coming!! Travis is headed to his MRI right now. We'll post again later.


  1. Congratulations! I am so glad the epidural worked. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Nicole,
    I love you so much and am thinking of you. I can't imagine the struggles you are going through right now. Lean on the Lord as He is your Rock. All my love and prayers,
    Dawn C