Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sharing Travis' story

Here is an article that was written about our family and the struggles and triumphs we have had over this past year.

The article came about when the sports writer was shocked that I was back to coaching and asked if he could do a feature on our family. I was honored to share our story as we have shared our entire journey with Travis and beyond. Anyway that we can keep Travis memory alive is okay with me.

Here is the article. STAYING STRONG by Terry Monahan

A few errors....1) 'most' HLHS patients do not live into their 30's. Most do not. The surgical approach is too new to know how long anticipated survival is. 2) You all know travis passed away after his FOURTH surgery....not his first.

Staying Strong for Addie Sue. Love that Travis picture is in the background.
I wear a small "T" pin on my heart for my boy.

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