Sunday, February 19, 2012

Balloons for Travis

Addison Sue honoring her brother by sending him a balloon
Balloons for Travis, the Facebook page, is a tribute to the life of Travis Gary DiCarlo and a place for all of Trav's family and friends to remember him and his influence on our lives. Please share your photographs from your balloon release or tribute in how you remembered Travis today. We've also asked those who find the Rememberance Tags to log onto Balloons for Trav and post where the tag was found.


  1. what a beautiful photo!!!! this will look great framed! <3 love to you guys! <3 to travis!!!!

  2. Beautiful tribute to your lil angel! Don't know if anyone noticed but the three trees on the right seem to be in the shape of hearts on the top. I'm positive Travis was there with you as he is everyday!