Saturday, February 26, 2011

Travis Gary DiCarlo 10/23/09-02/19/11

Travis Gary DiCarlo, the first child of Roger and Nicole DiCarlo, was born on October 23, 2009, in San Diego, CA. Travis was born with HLHS, Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, and fought valiantly until he lost his battle on February 19, 2011. During his short time here on earth, Travis touched many people who followed his story on a blog his parents created at Most people will remember his big beautiful blue eyes and his million dollar smile. Despite his special heart, Travis was always happy, watching and dancing to Yo Gabba Gabba, chasing after his dogs, and people watching.

Everyone who met him fell in love instantly. Travis was a true warrior and will forever be missed by his family, friends, and people across the country who never even met him. His legacy will live on as his parents made the selfless decision to donate his organs so that others may live. The family requests that those who loved Travis please consider organ donation, the greatest gift of life.

Travis is survived by his parents Roger and Nicole DiCarlo of Fallbrook; his younger sister, Addison Sue DiCarlo; Nana Sue Roberts of Vista, Grandparents Roger and Karen Sue DiCarlo of Temecula; Aunts Tina Gagne, Deb Hawes, Jen Mulloy and Angela DiCarlo; Uncles Daniel DiCarlo, Ryan DiCarlo, and Don Zollo; Great-Grandmother Jane Williams; numerous friends and family, and the entire CHD community. Travis was preceded in death by his Papa, Gary Gagne’.

The family is extremely grateful to Rady’s Children Hospital; Kaiser Hospital; the Ronald McDonald House; and Doctors Lamberti, Levy and Klaudt - all of whom fought so hard for our angel Travis. The family also extends its thanks to all of the many doctors, nurses, and staff that participated in Travis’ care. The family is extremely grateful for Mark Kuhn, the family’s pastor and his wife, Carol Kuhn, who have been with the family since the beautiful day of Travis’ birth.

A Celebration of Life will be held on March 6, 2011, from 1:00-4:00 pm at Williams Barn at Walnut Grove Park, 1950 Sycamore Drive, San Marcos, CA.

Donations can be made to the family at,, or the Children’s Heart Foundation.


  1. That is so nicely written. As I read it with tears filling my eyes and I think back on all that has happened since last week when we spent the evening with Travis and his family the night before his surgery, I feel this horrible pain in my heart. And I know that this is nothing compared to the heartache the family is feeling. This beautiful family has allowed us to be part of all the special moments of their lives, and we will be forever grateful. We love all of you and pray that God will comfort and strengthen you!

  2. My heart breaks at your loss - and I've never met you. A friend's posting on Facebook led me to your blog from almost the other side of the world. As a San Marcos native and also someone who was saved by Children's Hospital many many years ago I send you thoughts of support and healing...

  3. HI you dont know me but I have grieved for you and your fam since Travis last surgery. I am not a mom of a heart baby so I cant say I know your struggle but something put it in my heart to write you these words. I see Travis pictures and I Love Travis even though I never met him. I cry now for you because I cant imagine the faith and strength it takes to go through that. Your faith shines through your family and I believe will carry you through this. I dont know how this sounds but i almost feel guilty when I look at my boy, why Travis and why does this happen at all? There has to be more...right, to his heavenly, infectious smile and eyes and as I find my keyboard drenched in tears right now for this precious baby whom I did not know I stop myself and think...why am I crying out to you for comfort when you are the one that needs it... and my heart tells me the message you need to hear is that we grieve for our pain and we have to remember that Travis is in no pain and is still with you. He still gets to keep tabs on mommy and daddy who made him so happy and whom he loves dearly.. so again we grieve for our pain, which we should, but remember your precious angel is not grieving for he knows for certain he will reunite with you...and who may feel like an eternity to us and to him it may feel like only a day has gone by...I hope this makes sense to you as I just wrote words from my heart...Love to you and your fam in this heartbreaking time

  4. What a beautiful tribute from a beautiful life! We have never met, but I want to thank you for sharing the inspiring life of your son with us. We are thinking and praying for your family during this difficult time and pray that you will feel the presence of your little man as he dwells in a much better world.