Saturday, February 12, 2011

Surgery is Scheduled

Travis will be having his aorta opened on Thursday, Feb 17th. We are terrified.
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  1. Oh my goodness, that is so soon! Oh I can't even imagine how scared you guys must be! We will be thinking of your little family! XOXO to you guys and give that sweet boy big smooches from us!


  2. I will pray fervently for the Lord to be with Travis in surgery and to guide the doctors hands so that this surgery can be completed without any complications whatsoever.

  3. Praying for a successful surgery and a fast recovery.

  4. Hi Roger and Nicole,
    I am so sorry that Travis is having to have this additional surgery. As the difficult time approaches, please do not forget that you are not alone. Many people are thinking of you and praying for you and your little hero. One of them is me! I look forward to reading everything about Travis and his recovery.
    With lots of love and God bless.