Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What's up Wednesday.

Travis first attempt at food.

All ready to excited

Yum Yum. This stuff is good.

Daddy and Mommy let me try.

Travis was so proud of himself.

Travis is ready for some baseball.
Travis is the Prince of San Diego.
Travis got to meet his Great Aunt Gloria.
Travis and Daddy enjoying a beautiful San Diego day.


  1. He is so incredibly cute! I love that last picture.

  2. Oh, he is soooooo cute!!!!!! I just want to hug him. :)

  3. Hi guys :)
    Travis look's soooo good :D !!! ( my mom say hi :P and lil' Griver ), try natural fruits like bananas and mashed potatoes that really helps to babies to gain some weight !! also cereal :S Griver gain like 2 pounds with that !! :S ahh and also you can give him that little Gerver cookies ( I know that they are for toddlers but he love to grab them :P), where did you bought the blue chair ? :P
    I hope that he gain some pounds :)
    here is my email

    Karina Iribe ( Griv's mom:P)